An Ounce of Prevention

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A/C Drain Pan Treatment Prevents Costly Overflows

It is estimated that air conditioning evaporator coils can generate approximately one quart of condensate water per ton, per hour of operation depending on the relative humidity. That's a lot of condensate water! A 3 ton A/C system running 50% of the day could generate 9 gallons of condensate water per day. The water collects in the condensate drain pan and mixes with dirt, dust and other contaminants and can provide a perfect place for slime, sludge, bacteria and other microbes to grow and flourish. In time, these growths will clog the drain opening in the pan, or the drain line leaving the pan, and the condensate water will back up and overflow. Unchecked, the damage can be very costly with walls, ceilings, and floors all sustaining water damage. If there is a drain pan overflow switch, flooding damage will be prevented but it will still result in the unit shutting off with a pan full of slime - and no cooling until the drain is cleared and the pan is cleaned. These overflows usually occur during times of high heat and humidity, so either way, there is a very unhappy customer. In addition to water damage, service calls and system downtime, the slimes that grow in the pan are usually caused by bacteria that create odors and could cause Indoor Air Quality issues for the home or building occupants. There is a very simple and inexpensive solution to these problems - Preventive maintenance with condensate pan treatment products.

PurCool Drain Pan treatment products prevent drain pan overflows by treating the drain pan with a slowly dissolving time-release formula that keeps the pan clean, safe and odor free - and the drain line freely flowing. Place the PurCool tabs or strips in the drain pan at the beginning of the cooling season and they will activate whenever the A/C system is running and generating condensate water. PurCool will last up to 6 months and will fully dissolve so you know when they need to be replaced. There is no plastic casing or nylon sock that remains in the pan. PurCool Strips can be easily cut to serve any size units and can be stacked for longer treatment intervals.

PurCool Yellow Pan Strips utilize traditional chemistry and are available in sizes from 3 to 30 ton. They provide time-release treatment for up to 6 months.

PurCool Green tablets and strips use an innovative formula with time-release plant-based active ingredients that are readily biodegradable, neutral pH, and utilize a food grade dye. They are designed and formulated to have the least impact on the environment yet are still fully effective against the slimes and sludges that grow in drain pans. PurCool Green recently passed stringent tests performed by an independent testing laboratory that verified that the product is readily biodegradable, has no effect on pH of the environment, and is safe for aquatic life. PurCool Green is the only environmentally friendly condensate drain pan treatment product on the market. PurCool Green is available in sizes from 3 to 30 ton and includes the popular PurCool Green Mini Strip which is the only drain pan treatment product designed to work in the restricted drain pan access space of Mini Split systems.

When it comes to A/C condensate drain pans, the old saying rings true: "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"

ClenAir by Nu-Calgon

PurCool drain pan treatment products are available from authorized Nu-Calgon Distributors.


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