A/C Drain Sucker

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A/C Drain Sucker
  • Easily clears clogs from a/c condensate drain lines with suction from outside or pressure from inside.
  • No costly CO2 cartridges or Nitrogen needed! Use the A/C Drain Sucker over and over again.
  • All fittings and hoses included.
  • Kit includes PurCool Shock Tabs and PurCool Pan Strip to clean pan and prevent future clogs.

The A/C Drain Sucker quickly and easily repairs a/c condensate drain pan clogs and overflows by sucking the clog from the outside or pushing it from the inside. A/C condensate drain pan overflows are a very common and costly service problem. The A/C Drain Sucker kit includes the pump and fittings required to easily remove the slime & sludge clog and any excess water. It also includes PurCool Shock Tabs to clean the drain pan and drain lines, and a PurCool Pan Strip for long lasting drain pan treatment to prevent future slime and sludge build-up.The A/C Drain Sucker pump does not require expensive CO2 cartridges or Nitrogen. It is economical and can be used over and over again without additional cost. It is lightweight and easy to use but provides powerful suction or discharge pressure to remove clogs and get condensate drain pans flowing again. Turns a troublesome service call into an easy and profitable call without expensive callbacks.

Untreated A/C condensate drain pans are a great place for slime and sludge to grow. In time, the sludge builds up and clogs the drain outlet in the pan or the drain line itself.  This forces the condensate water to overflow and cause expensive damage to ceilings, walls, and floors. The only way to resolve this problem is to remove the clog with suction or pressure to get the water flowing through the drain again. The A/C Drain Sucker can be used to provide suction or pressure to remove these clogs. Besides causing clogs and expensive overflows, the slimes and sludge can be unhealthy and cause odors. Condensate drain pan treatment products should be used to prevent these problems in the first place.  Purcool Pan Strips can be placed in the condensate drain pan once a year to prevent slime & sludge build-up to keep drain pans clean and free flowing. The condensate treatment products included with the A/C Drain Sucker kit can be used to clean up the drain pan and lines, and to provide long term treatment and prevention of this problem.

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Product Reviews: 

M. Benack

This picture came from Lee Company in Nashville (AC Contractor) showing the aftermath of a job that they used the A/C Drain Sucker... viewer discretion is advised. Their words "This is what they sucked out of the split unit drain. Amazing little drain sucker." As if you needed more convincing to sell these drain suckers.


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