Clenair Odor Neutralizer

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Clenair Odor Neutralizer

ClenAir’s unique odor neutralizing formula removes odors quickly and permanently. Originally designed for use in central air systems, on fire and flood restoration jobs and in sewage facilities, ClenAir is a professional product, yet it leaves no lingering antiseptic or perfume smell. Use ClenAir gel to combat stubborn odor, even those that have built up over time like cigarette odor or pet odors. Simply place the gel near the source of the odor or in the return duct of your central air system. The best product available for musty basements. Great for smoke and water damage as well as pet odors. Used by heating and air conditioning technicians, professional duct cleaners, janitors and property management.

Mini TubCA1500M61000
1/2 lb. Tub (Display Box) 1500D61001
1/2 lb. Tub150061002
1 lb. Tub150161003
3 lb. Tub150361004
10 lb. Tub151061005
30 lb. Tub153061006
Wall Unit (white)130061007
1 lb. (Gel Brick for wall unit)140161008
Product Reviews: 

G. Wisotzki

I live on my 36’ sailboat and had a tremendous diesel smell problem until I started using ClenAir Odor Neutralizer. It is a fantastic product. I have tried several deodorizers that have not done the job. Thank you for making my life easier.

J. Keiser

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the one pound ClenAir Odor Neutralizer. We do large amount of rentals to caterers, flower shops and fish stores and unfortunately most of the time our vans are returned with unpleasant odors. The ClenAir tubs work great – they remove the odor, not cover it up like some other products.

J. Miller

I have been placing ClenAir Odor Neutralizer throughout our assisted living facility. I especially notice a difference near our smoking room. Thank you for your product.

J. Rocks

ClenAir Odor Neutralizer was the only product that removed the musty crawlspace odor from the A/C system in our beach house. We rent this house to summer vacationers and did not want them to be hit with this odor when they walked in the door. Now it smells clean and fresh thanks to ClenAir.

W. Liska

We accepted an assignment to cure a long standing problem of moisture, mold, fungus and animal urine. After much cleaning and scrubbing with bleach and other products, the surfaced passed the sanitation test, but there was always a nagging urine smell on damp days. After finding out about ClenAir Odor Neutralizer, I put one tub in the return air duct-work and …Walla//KaZam!!! When the staff came in the next day…NO MORE DOGGY ODOR!!!


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