HVAC Odor Block

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HVAC Odor Block
  • Eliminates Odors in HVAC Systems
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Unique Self Feeding Box Installs in Return Duct
  • Treats All Home or Building Air Through HVAC System
  • A True Odor Neutralizer – Not an Odor Mask
    or Cover-up
  • Reduces Indoor Pollutants
  • Inhibits Mold & Bacteria Growth as Tested by an Independent Lab
  • One Odor-Block treats up to a 3 Ton A/C System
  • Lasts Up To Two Months

ClenAir Odor-Block is not a perfume mask or cover-up. It is a true odor neutralizer that molecularly reacts with the odor causing compounds and eliminates them and other indoor pollutants leaving a clean, fresh scent behind. ClenAir Odor-Block makes it easy to improve the indoor air quality in the entire home or building by treating the air through the HVAC system.

Eliminates odors caused by mold,mildew, bacteria, pets, cigarette and cigar smoke, water damage, fire damage, paints, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and other chemicals, animal decay, stale air, garbage areas, sewer gases, even skunks!

Use in A/C Units, Furnaces, Rooftop Units, Fan Coil Units, Mini Splits, and Air Handlers.

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Climate-Tech's purchasing expert, Tim, explains the features and benefits of ClenAir's HVAC Odor Block for your home and/or office. Don't mask odors, neutralize them with the HVAC Odor Block!

M. Greenia

Just wanted to say thank you so much for how well the ClenAir HVAC Odor Block worked for us. We recently bought a foreclosure home which was really beautiful, but the previous owner was a VERY heavy smoker and the nicotine smell in the home was almost unbearable. When we looked at the home, we almost did not make an offer on it because we did not think we could ever get rid of the smell.

We bought the home and on Wednesday at noon I placed a residential HVAC Odor Block in each of the AC return air vents. I ran the AC fan unit constantly over the next 3 days and when my wife walked into the home on Saturday noon, she was stunned. The cigarette smell was gone. We had several contractors work on the home over the next several days and they all said that they were shocked when I told them about the heavy smoke smell in the home because they could not detect anything.

To say the least, we could not have been MORE happy with the results of this product. It by far exceeded any expectations we had. It made our new house into a great home which we will enjoy for years to come. I told our realtors about your HVAC Odor Blocks so they can think about using it on future listings they may have which involve smelly homes. Thanks again for such a wonderful product.

T. Smith

Please accept this letter to confirm our unsolicited conversation, singing the praises of your HVAC Odor Block by ClenAir. I even used it in the corner of my office. This area gets installers and service people in and out all day. From hot, sweaty, body odor to food and smoke, ClenAir took care of the problem. Thanks again for a great product.


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