OrangeAir Odor Neutralizer

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OrangeAir Odor Neutralizer

OrangeAir - Using the unique ClenAir odor neutralizing technology, OrangeAir safely eliminates odors leaving a refreshingly crisp Orange fragrance behind. OrangeAir is not a mask or cover-up. It is a true odor eliminator. OrangeAir eliminates odors caused by smoke, pets, fuel oil, mold, mildew, bacteria, cigarette smoke, water damage, fire damage, stale air, decay, chemicals, even skunks! Amazing Results!

Mini TubCA1300M61028
1/2 lb. Tub (Display Box)CA1300D61020
1 lb. TubCA130161021
3 lb. TubCA130361023
10 lb. TubCA131061025
30 lb. TubCA133061027
Product Reviews: 

J. Eichorn

I am the rental manager here at Budget with a fleet of 41 cars. One major problem was the odors of people smoking, body odor, and pet smells. We have tried other products such as Febreeze which only worked for a short period of time. ClenAir CherryAir Odor Neutralizer and OrangeAir Odor Neutralizer solved our problems. All of the odors have been eliminated.


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