PurCool Strips

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PurCool Strips

Economical Preventative Maintenance For Condensate Drain Pans

PurCool Strips keep A/C and refrigeration condensate drain pans clean and free flowing. Use PurCool Strips to prevent condensate drain clogs, costly overflows, and corrosion. PurCool Strips are weighted and will not float or move once placed in the condensate pan. Just place them anywhere in the drain pan where the PurCool Strip will contact the condensate water and enjoy up to six months of economical protection.

  • Prevents Drain Pan Overflows
  • Helps Prevent Drain Pan Corrosion
  • Long Lasting
  • Eliminates Foul Drain Pan Odors
  • Maintains Free Flowing Drains
  • Improves IAQ

Treats 3 Tons for 6 Months1903D
Treats 5 Tons for 6 Months2001D
Treats 10 Tons for 6 Months2003D
Treats 30 Tons for 6 Months2009


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