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ClenAir odor neutralizing gel is a truly amazing product. Place the ClenAir gel tubs in the return of the HVAC system or in any room with an odor problem and the odor is quickly neutralized and eliminated. ClenAir is not a strong perfume that masks odors - it actually attacks the odor causing compounds and eliminates the odors leaving only the unique, mild, ClenAir freshness behind. Used by Heating and Air Conditioning contractors, Duct Cleaning and IAQ Contractors, Property Maintenance Companies, Realtors, Fire Restoration and Cleaning Companies, ClenAir has a strong following of committed customers who stand by our product as the best in the industry. ClenAir is effective on pet odors, mildew and musty odors, fuel oil odors, paint, tobacco smoke odors, sewer odors, bathroom odors, sick room odors, and even skunk odors.

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